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For the long, freezing cold winters in Fayette, Greene, Washington, Somerset and Westmoreland counties, radiant floor heating provides an ideal comfort solution. The unique benefits add value, enjoyment, and convenience to nearly every size and layout of home or commercial facility. To find out if radiant flooring is right for you and access a complete range of exceptional products and services, get in touch with the experts from Fayette Furnace Company.

Radiant Floor Heating from Fayette Furnace Company

Representing more than 100 years of sales and service, Fayette Furnace Company has resolved every possible temperature control challenge. We’ve built our knowledge, resources, and capabilities to ensure all jobs are handled smoothly, successfully, and to satisfaction. Applying our extensive experience, we recommend only those options that deliver outstanding returns on your investment.

Discover the Difference of Radiant Floor Heating

Concealed beneath nearly any type of flooring, radiant systems don’t take up space, detract from decor, introduce air contaminants or even make noise. Heat is distributed evenly across the surface of the floor, warming all objects sitting upon it and rising slowly. The temperature from floor to ceiling varies no more than three degrees from the thermostat setting. Plus, radiant floor heating accommodates zone control and offers incredible efficiency. For all of your radiant floor heating needs, choose service from Fayette Furnace Company, anywhere across Uniontown, Connellsville, Masontown, Oliver, Brownsville, Hopwood and Fairchance, PA.

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