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Fayette Furnace Companys offers an expansive lineup of VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) technology to provide a space-saving, efficient and effective solution to just about any residential or commercial layout. Give us a call at (724) 438-5400 to explore options, schedule service, and capitalize on the amazing benefits of top-quality products and workmanship anywhere in Fayette, Greene, Washington, Somerset and Westmoreland counties.

VRF System Repair and Maintenance

Ideal for the home, building, or commercial complex, VRF systems allow customized temperature control, heating/cooling only those areas that need it, and meeting the specific demands of each space. Along with no ducts, the system circulates only necessary refrigerant to achieve ideal zoned comfort and allows for simultaneous heating and cooling. Efficiency is further increased by capturing heat pulled from one zone and directing it to another as useful energy.

VRF System Installation from Fayette Furnace Company

While our history dates back over 100 years, Fayette Furnace Company remains updated with evolving opportunities and shares them with our customers across Uniontown, Connellsville, Masontown, Oliver, Brownsville, Hopwood and Fairchance, PA. We offer VRF systems featuring inverter-driven compressors that rotate operating sequence, reduce the risk of failure and avoid on/off power surges. Compact equipment creates a minimized footprint while extensive pipe lengths provide a configuration for most any application. As a modular system, VRFs can easily expand with your business or lifestyle.

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